Email marketer's glossary

CTR, ROI, lead, conversion ... the concepts used in email marketing can make your mind go crazy ... You could use a page that you can add to your favorites and not worry anymore, right? This email marketer glossary is for you!

In this article, I
have collected a collection of words useful in email marketing and provided
their definitions. If you are just entering this world, I heartily recommend
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Email marketer glossary


Clickbait— * hook * (hook + header) - an element that attracts attention, it can be the title of the email. Often exaggerated and unrelated to the content. Use it wisely.

Click-through rate (CTR) - "openers" rate - a value specifying the percentage of recipients who clicked the link.

Click To Open Rate (CTOR) - click to open - the ratio of unique clicks to unique openings, expressed as a percentage.

Conversion - measurable, contractual event of the recipient, which proves the success of the marketing activity (e.g. purchase after entering a link from mailing)

Cost Per Click (CPC) - the actual cost of clicking on a given link. If sending mailing costs you PLN 100 and brings you 100 clicks, the CPC will be PLN 1.

Cost Per Lead (CPL) - cost of obtaining a lead - a concept similar to CPC, with the difference that a single counted unit is a lead.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM) - cost per thousand impressions - the cost per thousand ads per impression. If for shipping 10 thousand. You will pay PLN 10 for e-mails, the CPM is PLN 1.

Cost Per View (CPV) - cost per display - exactly as for CPM, except that we recalculate each impression. When shipping 10 thousand. e-mails for PLN 10 CPV will be PLN 0.001 - it is precisely because of such low values ​​that CPV is used more often.


Landing Page - a page to which mailing or advertising may lead. Such a website always has one, well-defined purpose - it can be, for example, collecting information about a user (often in return for something).

Lead - potential customer - contact details of a person (or company) who may be interested in buying a product / service.


Mailing - e-mail advertising - a one-time advertisement delivered in the form of an e-mail.


Newsletter - e-mail correspondence aimed at informing about current activities - news, offers, changes, etc.


Open Rate - the ratio of the number of recipients to the number of messages sent, expressed as a percentage.


Persona - a model client - an imaginary person with the characteristics of our clients - appearance, needs, age, etc. It helps in creating content targeted at such a person.


Remarketing - "Refresh" Marketing - Marketing targeting people who had something to do with our brand but didn't convert.

Return on Investment (ROI) - profitability index of activities (in our marketing context). In other words - the ratio of income to expenses.


Spam - junk email - a category of messages in which you do not want to be found. This is an email that was sent despite not agreeing to receive it. Very, very undesirable for both the recipient and the good email marketer.


Unique Value Proposition (UVP) - a unique value proposition - a distinguishing feature (feature or value) of the company among the competition

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) - link marketing parameters - parameters that help define a number of useful information from the marketer's perspective: link source, link type, campaign, keywords and type of content that was clicked on.

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