Frequently asked questions about mailing

What is the newsletter? How is it different from mailing? How are these difficult words pronounced? Here you will find answers to all your questions.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is something like a press sent by e-mail. The word comes from the English language and is a combination of the words news and letter, in this case electronic. Trying to translate this word into our native language, I propose the name 'message' ... And you can already see why the original name sound better ;)

How do you pronounce the word newsletter?

This might be useful if you are not a native English speaker - like a combination of the words news [read nius] and letter [read leter]. Together it is: niusleter.

What is the difference between a newsletter and mailing?

Purpose and form. The purpose of the newsletter is to build a sender-recipient relationship, and the purpose of mailing is to achieve a specific goal, e.g. sales.

In addition, the newsletter is usually systematic correspondence, while mailing is rather not.

Which mailing or newsletter platform to choose?

Well ... we've got the tool for that. After all, this portal is not called whichmailing for a reason;)

Is newsletter considered as commercial information?

Do you promote directly or indirectly goods or services by sending it? If so, the answer is simple. YES.

If not ... The line between neutral information and commercial information is so fluid that it is much better to treat the newsletter generally as commercial information than to explain it later in court.

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