Why do you even need a newsletter?

Why would anyone invest their time in creating and shipping this "archaic" form of reaching customers, which is, for some people, sending newsletters? I will tell you a few reasons.

Social media has spread to the marketing world for good. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and recently Clubhouse - where people can found, it is only a a matter of time before marketing and such companies enters.

So why would anyone invest their time in creating and shipping this "archaic" form of reaching customers, which is sending newsletters?

So I will tell you about the advantages of the newsletter.

First - independence

If you are not new in the world of reaching audiences, you probably know how common problems in this area are.

This is true for any social media platform. At first everything seems fine, and then, due to the work on the algorithms, something happens and your recipients see your content less and less often, and the graphs in your statistics stop or start to drop.

We often hear about the fact that an account has been blocked or deleted ...

Do you know what medium does not display information to recipients and does not delete accounts? :) EMAIL!

With traditional mailing, you can rest assured that programmers will not come up with a "great" idea and will not change the way e-mails are delivered. :)

Second - personalization

I don't know if you feel that too, but when I get an email with my name in the greeting, I feel closer to that sender. This is not a post placed on Instagram that is directed to everyone, but a message to me. I suppose I know others get the message too, but still… my brain is kind of cheated and endorphins are being released.

Of course, the name is not the only thing you can personalize in an email. You can also customize such things as the recipient's gender, the company he works for, age, etc ... Of course, you need to get this information beforehand, but think about it. When you know your reader's birthday, you can send greetings on his / her birthday every year. It is a nice gesture that builds a bond with the recipient. :)

Third - analytics

Here, half of you probably rub your hands, and the other half start to yawn, but it is my duty as a journalist to mention that most mailing platforms provide tools for analyzing and testing their e-mails.

In most cases, you can see how many recipients are opening messages, how many people are clicking on links, and how many people have not opened the message in months.

For this you can also try A / B tests. You can learn more about it in thisarticle.

Fourth - everyone has an email

This point probably does not need explanation ... To set up a social media account, to use the offer of a mobile operator, to place an order from the store - you need an e-mail address. So if your recipient is using the Internet (otherwise you would not read this article), they likely have an e-mail address as well.

Pinch of salt

I don't want you to think, "I'm removing my Social Media and switching to the Newsletter." Unfortunately, the newsletter is not without its drawbacks.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that your mailing will end up in spam. Therefore, in building your mailing list, you need to be careful and carefully think about every word. But I will write about it another time.

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