7 ways of building a mailing list

Is your mailing list empty? Or maybe the pace of its building does not satisfy you? Today I am going to share with you a few ways to start it.

How to build a mailing list and gain subscribers?

Let me start with the least obvious ones, thanks to which they are the most eye-catching for your audience.

Method # 1: business card

Name, surname, phone number, e-mail address ... Business card format as banal as scrambled eggs for breakfast. Each of us has such a stack like unremarkable cardboard boxes.

But what if such a business card only contained the website address for your mailing?

Combined with a catchy domain, this solution may turn out to be a bull's eye.

Consider if someone gave you a white business card with the address 'jednożec.pl' ... I would surely come in out of curiosity.

Method # 2: Link in the footer of the email

This is a way close to a business card. Actually, this is a transfer of the above idea to your email. If you have your contact details, website address, etc. in the e-mail footer, what prevents you from adding a link to your newsletter there? The answer is NOTHING!

To work!

Method # 3: Free training

Share some of your knowledge for free as part of a webinar, training or workshop, and in the recruitment form, collect an email address and add a box that the email will be used for marketing purposes. And you have another audience.

It is also okay to repeat such a webinar in some time and gather new people.

Method # 4: Media coverage

You can also share your knowledge within the industry media. Taking part in an interview as an expert can bring new audiences to you. In podcasts, it is an unwritten standard that after the conversation ends, the guest shares places where they can learn more about their activities. Isn't this the perfect time to mention your newsletter?

Method # 5: Gift for signing up

This is perhaps the most famous way to get a new subscriber. Prepare some exclusive content for your recipients and say that the only condition for receiving it is subscribing to the newsletter. It can be an ebook, some special spreadsheet, or a discount to your online store. You are limited only by your imagination :)

Method # 6: Popup on the page

I am aware that hardly any of us like websites that attack us with pop-ups right after entering them. However, as much as we hate this method, it is difficult to deny its effectiveness. So maybe find some solution halfway? For example, a pop-up window, but only when you try to leave the page?

Method # 7: Advertising on social media

Facebook is a platform that earns how much it knows about its users. Thanks to this, you can easily reach your audience.

Do you create a newsletter about dog breeding? Set an ad to admirers of these quadrupeds.

Are you creating a newsletter about high school graduation in mathematics? Set up your ad to people aged 16-18.

The advertising panel is quite intuitive, but if you don't want to learn another application, you can easily find specialists.

Which method is the best?

In old legal jargon, I would say, "It depends," but before you get away, know that I know how to check it.

Each target group will have different values. Among some, a better method will be a gift, and elsewhere paid advertising on Facebook. The most important thing is to know what works best. You can check it by attaching Google analytics and Facebook pixel to all the methods mentioned today. They will allow you to measure the efficiency of all methods. They will show you how many people saw the method, how many people clicked, how many people entered and did not sign up. If you analyze this data well, you will find out exactly which method to invest more time and money in, and in which less.

Other ways?

Of course, these are not all possible ways to get subscribers. You yourself probably know a few that were not on this list. Unfortunately, if the list were longer, it could not be an article from the "7 ways to" series.

But who knows…

Maybe another 7 will be obtained and the second part of the article will be written?

Meanwhile, until later and ...


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